Ascendancy Research:
Take advantage of the best consumer research recruiter practices in the industry.

Recruiting fresh, on-target, quality respondents for our clients is central to our mission and operations. With a highly experienced on-site project management team and recruiting team, we use a dual-department collaboration process from the initial receipt of the screener to the final sending of recruiting grids to you. Each screener is scrutinized for consistency, continuity, and completeness by both PM and Recruiting department leaders. Getting it right from the start—part of Ascendancy’s brand promise to you—ensures effective and accelerated on-target recruiting and uncompromised quotas.

Once a respondent successfully passes all screening criteria, our built-in quality assurance process revalidates their eligibility to participate. Ascendancy’s stellar show rates are the result of a tenacious 3-prong confirmation process of calling, emailing, and texting to reconfirm the respondent is fully informed with respect to timing, location, expectations, and responsibilities. Because of our process and structure, and the priority we place on serving GMI, we continuously communicate with your researchers to collaboratively ensure the successful gathering of needed voices.  

To build on our strong presence, and ongoing interaction on our social media sites, we use creative and persistent marketing methods to reach new potential respondents, including expos, targeted conferences, affiliate associations, and recruiting partners.

Because Ascendancy delivers more of the best recruits, moderators can create Strategic Brand Confidence by facilitating consumer insight, perspective and experience sharing from a better pool of respondents.

 Our in-house, experienced recruiters are rated on the quality of each respondent and have recruiting expertise in B2C, B2B, Medical, Legal, Spanish and other specialties. And, we can utilize our multiple phase screening process and recruiting every major market in the United States.

Context is King!

At Ascendancy, we are experts at leveraging media channels, social factors and context – along with consumer time value – to get clients access to the best possible pool of respondents to maximize the quality of research feedback. 

Hospitality Builds Confidence.

The Ascendancy Hospitality model ensures an absence of distractions for respondents; which ensure moderators and other research professionals can take advantage of the opportunity to really maximize end user input – enabling them to get the fuel for strategic direction.

Our OnSite, OnLine, or InField teams work closely with you to tailor and coordinate your project with precision and care. In addition to our state-of-the art facility in Minneapolis, we can facilitate focus group projects for you in any major city in the United States. 


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