Ascendancy Research:
Join our research panel and get paid for your opinions!

You have the opportunity to give your opinions and get paid cash for your time and opinion. The majority of our market research projects take place at our office in Saint Louis Park or within the Twin Cities area, where you would be part of discussion groups or individual interviews. After your feedback is given you will be paid in cash!

Be assured, the information you provide us below is never sold or rented to other companies and is kept strictly confidential. We will never attempt to sell you before, during or after your time with us.

Join the Ascendancy Research Panel today by clicking on the Register Now button below and share with us some information that will help us pinpoint what studies would be a good fit for you. Thank You!

Get paid for your opinion!

Sign up for our panel today for opportunities to earn extra money while giving your opinion on a variety of products, services, current issues, and much more! Read through these frequently asked question!

How much do I get paid?

On average, studies pay $60 - $350 for your participation.

Where do I have to go?

Most studies are held at our office in St. Louis Park. You will be informed of the study location before you commit to participate.

When are studies held?

Studies can be held at any time of the day and evening. You will be informed of the time of the session before you commit to participate.

How do I get chosen to participate?

Participation criteria vary for each study. After you’ve signed up with us, we’ll contact you via phone or send you a link via email with a series of questions to see if you’re a fit for the study.  If you qualify for a study and are able to attend, you are then scheduled, sent a letter with directions to the facility, and called a day or two beforehand to confirm your eligibility and attendance. There will be times that you may not qualify and if that does happen, you will still be called for future studies.

Why was I not contacted after completing a survey?

If after completing a survey sent to you via email or taken through our Facebook page and you are not contacted, one of two things might have occurred.  First, based on your responses to the questions asked, it was determined that you would not be a good fit for the study by way of the client’s criteria.  The second probability is study has already been filled. We will, however, keep you in mind for future study opportunities.

Does Ascendancy Research keep track of my past participation?

Yes, we do record all past participation as well as any cancellations.  This way we can verify you fit the past participation restrictions set by the client.  Additionally, please note that if a person has an excessive amount of cancellations, they may not be asked to participate in future studies.

Why are there restrictions regarding how often I can participate?

Some projects include restrictions regarding frequency of participation.  These restrictions typically come from the client as they want to hear opinions from those that have not participated in a study recently.  Within the industry it is standard to allow participation every 3-6 months.

What if my information has changed?

When you sign up with us you will receive a unique panelist # and pin #. Using your unique login credentials, you can go to, log in to your user profile, and update your information.

Is my information shared with others?

No! All personal information you provide is completely confidential. We will never share or sell your personally identifiable information.

What are my responsibilities as a panelist?

I will be honest and answer truthfully both when answering questions to qualify for a study and in the focus group itself.

I will participate in the group discussion or interview by engaging in conversation and answering questions.

I will arrive on time to the agreed appointment time or I understand that I may not be able to participate in the research project, and therefore, may not be compensated for participation.

I understand that my attendance is recorded and missed or excessive cancellations may make me ineligible to participate in future studies.

I understand a study I am scheduled for may be cancelled and I will still be eligible to be called for other studies.

I understand to validate for accuracy I may be asked to answer the initial questions that qualified me for the study, and if my answers change, I may become disqualified and may not be compensated.

If I am registering children under the age of 18, I confirm I am the child’s Parent or legal guardian and I give my permission to Ascendancy Research to collect and retain the information I submit regarding my children.

We do understand that circumstances may arise and you may need to cancel or attempt to reschedule into another available time. We ask that you call our office as soon as possible to cancel or reschedule so that we may replace you, in order to meet our obligation to our client.

Thank you for being part of Ascendancy Research and we hope you have an opportunity to do a paid focus group with us soon!