Our Facility


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5775 Wayzata Blvd_010Ascendancy extends a warm welcome to each client and respondent. Our lobby generously seats up to 20 persons.

North Focus Room

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5775 Wayzata Blvd_011Comfortable, intimate setting for one-on-one interviews or small groups.

North Viewing Room

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Tiered full-view seating for 12 or more. All viewing rooms are equipped with roomy counters, outlets, and a stocked snack bar with an Ascendancy host at your service.

South Focus Room

Features a wide table for a medium to large focus group, premium chairs for comfort with lots of leg and elbow room. Wide screen HD Monitor/TV may be placed in multiple locations for optimum viewing for the group.

South Viewing Room

Clear, full view of each respondent at the table. All amenities included with a host available throughout each session.

Super Room

Scaled for large to very large groups. The Super room is also equipped with a wide, drop-down projection screen and an adjacent tiered viewing room.

Super Viewing Room

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Conference Room 24X40

 5775 Wayzata Blvd_009

Test Kitchen

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Modern, efficient lay-out with two refrigerator/freezers, wide granite counters, center island, and quiet cupboards. Centrally located a few steps away from any room in the facility.

Client Lounge

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Relax in Ascendancy style and comfort when you need a break.

Floor Plan


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